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Summer Session II
August 6-Sept 12, 2012

20 Basic Drawing: T/Th, 1-3:50pm
30A Basic Painting: T/Th, 4-6:50pm
40 Basic Sculpture: W/F, 9-11:50am

65A Media Design: M/W, 1-3:50pm
71A Intro to Photo I: M/W, 1-3:50pm
100 Digital Photo: T/Th, 9-11:50am
100 Adv Digital Photo: T/Th, 1-3:50pm
101W Artists as Writers: M/W, 1-3:50pm
104 Intermed Sculpture: W/F, 1-3:50pm
151 Advanced Sculpture: W/F, 1-3:50pm

Course Descriptions   

20 Basic Drawing.  Encourages an investigation of the premises and limits of drawing, primarily, but no inevitably, as a two-dimensional medium.  Includes presentations and discussions of the historical uses of a wide range of drawing.

30A Basic Painting.  Examination of the fundamental components of painting: color, form, space, surface, scale, and content. 

40 Basic Sculpture.  The practice of sculpture in the contemporary arts; inclusion of spatial interventions, site-specific and environmental design, appropriation of found materials; techniques in cutting, joining, and assembly of wood, metals, and plastics.  Materials fee.

65A Media Design.  Provides an overview of media design in the digital age, covering principles of design for different media; history of relationship between art and design; and practice in working with different design approaches.  Materials fee.

71A Intro to Photo I.  Introduction to technical underpinnings emphasize photography as a contemporary art practice.  Topics include 35 mm non-automatic camera operation, exposure and lighting, black and white printing, introduction to digital photography, discussion of critical and historical issues.  Materials fee. 

100 Digital Photo.  Introduce students to the basic concepts of capture, process, and output via digital cameras, using Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop CS5.  Materials fee.

100 Advanced Digital Photo.  Advanced investigation of digital photography.  Materials fee.

101W Artists as Writers.  Contemporary art practice involves text, as final form or an integral element.  Many contemporary artists consider writing as essential to their practice.  Covers historical and contemporary uses of text, image, and artists’ writings.  Prereqs: SA 9A and 11A.

104 Intermediate Sculpture.  Investigation of 3-D space, including the construction of objects and the manipulation of the environment. Materials fee.  Prereqs: SA 1A, 1B, 1C, and 40, or consent of instructor.

151 Advanced Sculpture.  Advanced investigation of 3-D space.  Materials fee.

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Summer Session II